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09 April | 11h00min | Pablo Carrasco (UFMG, Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
Title: Extended flexibility for Anosov and Expanding maps.

Abstract: An active topic of research nowadays is understanding the restrictions (or lack thereof, called flexibility) for the Lyapunov exponents in a given isotopy class. This has the roots in the work of J. Bochi, A. Katok and F. Rodriguez-Hertz, who proposed a program to analyze these questions and gave several answers for Anosov diffeomorphisms. However, their tools seem to have some limitations, and in particular have the restriction that the metric entropy do not increase in the isotopy class.
In the first part of the talk I will report on some recent work with Radu Saghin (PUCV) where we develop some global perturbations methods for conservative systems, and apply these to establish flexibility results in the Anosov setting, allowing the metric entropy to increase. In particular, it is possible to obtain conservative partially hyperbolic DAs that have larger metric entropy that its linear part.
In the final section I will explain some variations of these techniques for the endomorphism case and analyze the same questions in the isotopy class of an expanding map in the 2-torus; as an example, I will discuss the fact that one can find truly NUH systems in such a class. This last part is a joint project with R. Saghin and M. Andersson (UFF).

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