This is an online research seminar on dynamical systems theory. It takes place every Friday (except Brazilian holidays) from 11 am to 12 am (local time in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) using the platform zoom.

This seminar is part of an initiative to combat the current difficult situation of isolation and mathematical (not only) depression. In those times active resistance is fundamental. This is our proposal. We invite you to join us.

The seminar announcement is sent through the mailinglist DinamiCarioca (see also here).
If you are no member of "dinamicarioca" and are interested in receiving information about this seminar please send an email to moc.liamg|0202acimanidaicnetsiser#moc.liamg|0202acimanidaicnetsiser and you will be included in the mailing list of this seminar.

Next seminars:

17 July | 11h00min | Fabio Tal (IME-USP, Brazil)
Title: Aubry-Mather sets for area-preserving homeomorphisms of the closed annulus
Abstract: We will review some aspects of the rotation theory for homeomorphisms of the closed annulus preserving boundary components and orientation, relating it to the classical results on rotational behaviour for circle homeomorphisms and for conservative twist maps of the annulus. We will describe the different ways rotational behaviour can be realized, introducing the different rotation sets and rotation vectors that can be associated with these maps. Using some recent techniques recently developed with P. Le Calvez, we will show that for any area-preserving homeomorphism then every rotation vector in the rotation set is realized by a compact invariant set, showing that an analog of the classical Aubry-Mather sets for twist diffeomorphisms exists in this general context. Joint work with Jonathan Conejeros

24 July | 11h00min | Godofredo Iommi (PUC de Chile, Chile)
Title: Dimension Theory for Continued Fractions

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